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Board Services

Purpose of a Board

Boards provide benefits such as:

  • The key value of a board meeting is causing management to reflect upon the results of the operations
    • To evaluate last month
    • Consider current month
    • Anticipate next quarter and 
    • Make adjustment where necessary
  • Outside perspective on monthly issues
    • Experienced advice and fresh ideas
  • Orderly evaluation of difference aspects of the business operations (Topic of the Month)
  • Focus on generating value as your enterprise grows
  • Prevent management burn-out

Board Services are a monthly meeting to provide guidance on your regular business activities. For public companies, a board connotes oversight but adds value to the executive team through a combination of disciplined focus on the business and additional insights. Private companies do not desire oversight and therefore do not have boards. However, the value of a board’s disciplines and counsel is then lost.

Boards bring fresh ideas and provide valuable input and mentoring to a company. Cathedral’s Board Services are a proxy to the board meetings typically held in larger, publicly traded companies. Cathedral consultants function as a board for your business. As an external source, Cathedral offers an outside perspective that helps to identify problems that internal management may not see.

Most companies don’t have boards because they don’t want oversight. But without a board companies forfeit these benefits. Cathedral offers a way to provide value for the enterprise without providing oversight. We offer an outside perspective that helps to identify problems that internal management may not see. Each month Cathedral will reflect with you on operating results and anticipate upcoming business concerns through financial statement analysis. In addition to examining current marketing strategies and prospective revenue sources, Cathedral offers advice on current and long-term business issues via a monthly topic pertinent to the business cycle. 

Four steps covered in Board Services meetings

Financial Review:

  • How did we do last month?
  • How are we doing this month?
  • How will we do over the next three months?

Revenue Review:

It really is all about revenue!

  • Review of key customers’ activity
  • Review of new customer acquisition
  • Review of customer development strategy

Topic of the Month:

  • Review topic and its application to the company

Current Issues:

  • What needs to be addressed that hasn’t been address? 

Collective Board Services

You talk to a CPA about taxes and a lawyer about legal issues. Who do you talk to about your business?

Designed from our private Board Services program, Collective Board Services is a cost-affordable opportunity for small business owners to gather in a group setting and learn the techniques necessary to operate with a substantially higher level of systematic thinking aimed at growing revenue and profitability. This service is enhanced through participants’ on-going access to Cathedral’s small business management expertise between sessions.

Each month in a two-hour session, Cathedral assists participants of Collective Board Services to reflect on operating results and develop the discipline of running a business through monthly oversight that anticipates upcoming business concerns through financial statement analysis.

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