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⌟ Strategic Planning


Cathedral aids in the development of business strategies and then decides with the owner which business strategy should be adopted. The difference between us and other consultants is that we work with the owner’s goals and develop an owner-inspired strategy. 

Every business needs a strategy. The strategy points to where the business is going. Setting a target creates the potential that the target will be achieved, whereas no target means often nothing is achieved. Strategy also provides the framework for focus. Strategy says what the business will do and will not do.

Types of Plans

  • Start-up Business Plans
    • For new companies
  • Strategic Plans
    • For established companies
  • Financial Models
    • Includes in Start-up Plans and Strategic Plans

How Will This Help the Company

  • Build into the company the desired culture and values that are held
  • Map out the business strategy and financial model for the next 5 years
  • Addresses the timing of expansion
  • Assesses the timing of expansion
  • Assesses the adoption of incremental mission related activities
  • Determines the focus and priority of tasks

Business plans are the systematic setting down of the steps to implement the strategy. The steps included responding to market issues, such as competitors, product placement, and customer responses and operating costs. A key aspect to a good business plan is the financial model. The financial model allows the plan to have life, to be seen in the economic results it can produce. The financial model then becomes the framework for the annual budgets. Annual budgets become connected to the strategy through the financial model of the business plan.

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