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Family Run Business

Cathedral’s 2 Part Mission

  1. Protect the Business and make it more profitable
  2. Protect the Family in its strength and values 

Cathedral’s Family Run Business Practice supports family owned and operated companies to implement structures and systems that protect the business and make it more profitable while protecting the family in its strengths and values from generation to generation.

Transfer Management to the Next Generation
Many small companies desire to maintain the family business and are concerned about the ability of the next generation to manage operations. Cathedral will help to prepare the successor through regular meetings to discuss leadership transition and to provide customized training based on specific area of needs.

Our FRB Practice works on all levels of the business and family dynamics including:

  • Next Generation Training and Succession Planning.
    • CEO Development Program.
    • CFO Development Program.
  • Creation of Family Holding Companies.
    • Tax Strategies.
    • Parallel Estate Planning.
    • Family Governance.
  • Governance.
    • Bylaws and Operating Agreements.
    • Ownership Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements.
  • Company Management.
  • Regular Management, Board, and Family Meetings.

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