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Financial Systems


The Financial Systems Program provides strategic and structural support to help owners manage their businesses more efficiently, with appropriate delegation, and oversight. 

Cathedral Financial Systems Practice helps small and mid-sized business and nonprofit organizations navigate the challenges of developing sound financial systems. This includes implementing solutions that provide management with the necessary information reports to make informed decisions. Analysis of financial statements helps a business owner to better make timely decisions on such issues as whether to offer a regular discount to a large customer or to determine how large the available bonus pool should be based on profits.

Types of Services:

  • Financial Management Reporting Packages
    • Report decks generated monthly or as needed for board and executive meetings, financing support, or M&A activity
  • Outsourced CFO Services
    • For companies that need to better integrate and utilize their systems
  • CFO Development Program
    • For established companies that need their existing Controller to take on a more “C Suite” role
  • Controller Development Program*
    • For start-ups and established companies that need an Office Manager or Bookkeeper to take on Controller level responsibilities 

Controller Developer Program

Does your company need higher level financial analysis? Does your current Finance Department staff need additional training and guidance to provide input into financial and business strategy? Consider investing in your current staff to grow them to the next level of strategic financial involvement.

The focus of this program is on incremental training to grow your current finance staff members into a Controller/CFO. Benefits to your company include:

  • Increased level of thinking
  • Financial analysis brought into the strategy discussions of the firm
  • Gain proactive intervention & analysis, instead of reacting to data after it is too late
  • Increase staff’s positive interaction with other accountants and funding sources
  • Develop your Controller into a manager of the finance department staff
  • Improved accuracy in financial reporting
  • Create the current Controller’s capacity to oversee more of the company’s administration, which allows the owners of the company to focus on generating business

How Will This Help the Company

  • Build into the company the systems and practices that will sustain growth
  • Support an appropriate level of oversight of operations that support executive level decision making
  • Support efficient and effective management across the firm, including strategic communication, organization design, working capital, and capital structure management as well as operational management


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