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Nonprofits offer their services and programs through the use of extensive funding sources. Once an Organizational Assessment is completed and management is receiving monthly insight, the focus of the nonprofit’s efforts can return to generating awareness and donations for the organization.

General Fundraising Counsel articulates the language and progress of a nonprofit to generate greater interest in the various sources of fundraising. The Fundraising Counsel services works with your organization to establish fundraising plans and goals to ensure funding occurs year-round.

General Fundraising Counsel will enhance your organization through the creation of a culture that invites donors, both major and individual. The culture stimulates participation in external environment, i.e. donors, as well as internal staffing and administration. In utilizing the counsel service, your organization will work collaboratively with our associates to solidify fundraising plans for major donors, foundations, and individuals. These plans can be modified to accommodate a twelve month period to three years.

The primary goals of General Fundraising Counsel include:

  • Create a fundraising culture and Case for Support
  • Create a Board and Major Donor strategy
  • Establish a grant writing cycle
  • Create a twelve-month fundraising calendar

Create a Fundraising Culture

The primary focus of the General Fundraising Counsel is to generate awareness and invite participation for nonprofit organizations. Our fundraising counsel service will assist your organization in accomplishing the objectives below to increase donations from all funding sources.

  • Create a method to acquire donors
    • Opportunities to participate
    • Networking
    • Purchase lists of donors
  • Create Language That Invites Participation
    • Create opportunities for nonfunding participation
    • Train staff and volunteers with your message
    • Articulate the Case
    • Present support for the Case
  • Create a three-year fundraising plan
    • Three-year Major Donor and Board building strategy
    • Three-year grant writing strategy
    • Three year individual donor strategy

View a sample of a twelve-month fundraising calendar here.

Jumpstart Fundraising

As an external fundraising consultant, Cathedral provides fresh thinking, discipline, and the staffing to achieve immediate fundraising goals. More importantly, engaging Cathedral is more cost effective for the organization than hiring internal fundraising staff with the same high-level technical expertise. One reason is the ability to terminate services at any time rather than being committed to an employee long-term. For example, 90% of fundraising professionals make more than $100,000 per year without benefits.

Mission: The mission of Cathedral’s Jumpstart Fundraising Program is simple: At the end of 90 days, the nonprofit has to improve short term needs and a plan for long-term fundraising program.

Phase 1: Fundraising Capacity Assessment and Presentation with recommendations.
Phase 2: Cathedral implementation of immediate fundraising strategy.
Phase 3: Outline monthly strategy for Cathedral to transfer fundraising development systems to executive director. Begin focus on long-term mission strategy.

Fees: Fees for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 are to be paid out of funds raised in the program.

  • Phase 1 (fundraising assessment and fundraising plan) fee is $5,000.
  • Phase 2 (Cathedral implements monthly fundraising drill) fee is $5,000.
  • Cathedral receives 50% of funds raised in first 90 days up to $10,000 total fees.

If the 90-day program is very successful, the funds for Phase 3 and continued engagement will have been raised and foundation laid for additional fundraising and work focused on long-term mission and strategy fulfillment.

Capital Campaign Services


Out Capital Campaign services include the full range of assistance, from feasibility studies to silent phase major donor cultivation to publish phase events and mailings. Through the use of the best and most effective capital campaign strategies, we will assist you with leadership recruitment, campaign coordination and oversight. We will also lend all the encouragement and support you need to engage your staff and board in the process. 

How Will This Enhance Your Organization

  • Bring feasibility research to bear on future plans and goals
  • Engage your board, staff and donors at a deeper level
  • Identify and capture the necessary resources for long-term vision
  • Achieve long-term objectives through consecutive short-term plans


Click here to learn more about General Fundraising Counsel and to view a sample twelve-month fundraising calendar.

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