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General Executive Counsel

Every month Cathedral will reflect with you on the current and projected financial statusfundraising plandonor and constituents relations, and provide a fresh perspective on the topics that influence the key operational functions of a nonprofit organization. By diving into specifics, the nonprofit executives are given professional advice that may be applied throughout the entire organization to lead to a more efficient fulfillment of the mission.

Nonprofit executives are bombarded from many sides because they have many constituents to please. Our consultants can provide objective counsel and professional input. This will allow fresh thinking and help prevent burnout in order to maintain excellence at the leadership level in your organization.

Four Steps Covered in General Executive Counsel

  • Development and Fundraising
    • Major Donor Cultivation
    • Foundations/Grant Writing
    • Individual Donations
  • Board of Directors 
    • Utilization
    • Development
  • Budget and Strategic Plan
    • Quarterly Financial Review
    • Cash Flow
    • Staying on budget
  • Topic of the Month Discussion
  • Other Issues 

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