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Leasing Competitive Edge

New Member Application.

Cathedral is excited to announce Leasing Competitive Edge, a new initiative devoted to grow, create value, and strengthen its automotive and equipment-leasing clients.

As a member of Leasing Competitive Edge (LCE), participants receive counsel on growing their company, statistical company comparisons, selling strategies, new profit opportunities, successful marketing ideas, and more. Tri-annual conferences bring together non-competitive peers to discuss improved operational ideas and industry trends with experts.

Perhaps one of the more frustrating concerns facing most lessors today is that they don’t have anyone they can talk to about their business – to confer privately with persons having extensive knowledge and experience in the leasing industry – contemporaries who are non-competitors – people who understand the same issues and ideas which are crucial to the success that you seek for your company.

Anyone specifically, that is, who’s on your same level – top management, chief operating officer, or owner. So, every time you need to make a decision, think through a problem, measure the company’s performance, or initiate change you’re pretty much on your own.

  • Who can you turn to for expert advice, help with problems, the sharing of experiences, encouragement, and new ideas?
  • Where can you learn more about trends, statistical comparisons, selling strategies, new profit opportunities, compensation plans, and successful marketing ideas?
  • How can you obtain this vital information with an assurance of total confidentiality when discussing these issues?

Cathedral Leasing Competitive Edge has provided solutions and answers to questions like these for lessors from all parts of the country for the past several years – through our successful and professionally managed: Lessor Study Group Program.

“There is no substitute for the value that can be derived from the person-to-person exchange of information, experience, and ideas that is generated immediately from networking with your industry peers, in a professionally-monitored environment like these study groups. Your competitors won’t tell you their secrets to success – books won’t provide it, – you simply cannot learn anything new sitting at home, – and the Internet is no equal – to the bounty of treasures you’ll realize from participating in our face-face roundtables.”

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