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Organizational Assessment

This is an efficient look at the organization’s mission, operating structure, and administrative functions. A key part of this assessment is to establish the facts as to how well the organization is operating. Donors value knowing that they are giving to well-run institutions.

We view this two hour interview with the director of the organization as a physical exam. We will ask questions to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise which will then be presented to you and/or your Board in a professional report of findings and recommendations for your organization.

The organizational assessment will enhance your organization in the following manner:

  • Measures the effectiveness of your organization against objective standards and best practices
  • Provides a detailed analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Provides actionable recommendations to address the findings.
  • Provides the executive with key data points to share with staff, board, donors, and constituents.
  • Demonstrates donor’s perspective of the organization.

Data collected from the questionnaire is compiled and presented in the following manner:

  • Assessment Questionnaire: diagnostic tool used to gather information about your organization to analyze and provide insight on the activities and operations of the organization.
  • Implications and Best Practices Report: provides a comparison of your organization’s policies and procedures in correlation to the best practices of the nonprofit and for-profit community.
  • SWOT Analysis Report: identifies and discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your organization.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: a modified presentation of our findings that follows the prior two reports in which we review with you to discuss the significant findings and answer questions.

List of the topics examined during our Organizational Assessment.

External Review:

  • Strategy:
    • Mission Statement
    • 3 Year Strategic Plan
    • 5 Year Organizational Forecast
  • Fundraising and Donor Database:
    • Major Donors
    • Institutional Donors
    • Individual Donors
  • Marketing:
    • Annual Report
    • Collateral and Supporting Materials 
  • Legal Compliance:
    • Registration Documentation
    • Risk Management Concepts 

Internal Review:

  • Management and Organization:
    • Organizational Chart
    • Use & Function of a Board
  • Employees
    • HR Practices
    • Development & Training
    • Volunteers 
  • Financial
    • Trend Analysis
    • Key Ratio Analysis 
  • Financial Systems:
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Seperation
    • Bookkeeping 
    • Accounting Mechanics 

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