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With our analytical skills, knowledge, and experience Cathedral Consulting, LLC seeks to assist small to mid-sized private companies and nonprofits in their growth while creating lasting value (both principled and financial) built on a strong foundation of excellent business practices.

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Cathedral Consulting, LLC was formed in 2004 to provide consulting services to nonprofit organizations. During the next two years, clients from across the United States utilized the talents and experience of Cathedral to address issues such as strategy, operational improvement, fundraising, and human resources. In 2007, Cathedral expanded its client base to include business enterprises. This was done through the acquisition of the consulting activity of PJC Holdings, LLC. Its staff and clients became part of Cathedral on July 1, 2007.


A key aspect of Cathedral is the very concept of building a cathedral. In the middle ages one might enter a village and see two stonecutters at work. Asking one worker what they are doing, one might hear, “Cutting stone.” Yet another worker might say, “Building the Cathedral!” What is the difference? Attitude. In both the nonprofits and the private company clients, the work being done is more than just a job. It is about building something greater than just the individual or just the paycheck. At Cathedral Consulting, we see this as central to our services. We are here to help our clients build strong, growing and valuable enterprises, whether a company or a ministry.


As a firm, our staff has a diversity of experience and technical expertise which allows us to provide a high level of service to our clients. We currently have three offices throughout the West Coast and Northeast regions of the United States. With virtual capabilities, we conduct business across the United States, Latin America, and Africa.

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