Topic of the Month

The Topic of the Months (TOM) cover best practices. 

TOMs are scheduled throughout the year based on the operating cycle of the business or nonprofit. 

TOMs are designed as sound bite level insights. Each TOM allows the client to quick grasp the identified issues and opportunities and to have a more uniformed understanding of the topic. Understanding all of the TOMs in a particular month, allows the owners and managers of small enterprises focus on the specific issues that are most meaningful for their business.

What is the purpose of the Topic of the Month?

Running a business involves many details. Scheduled reviews can avoid many crisis. 

  1. Without a systematic plan, the running becomes a reaction to crisis approach.
  2. Larger companies all have an annual system of reviewing the operating details of a company.
  3. Most of the time these details are reviewed the same time each year.

Cathedral has broken the operations of an enterprise into 12 segments. 

  1. These are then scheduled in an order that matches the normal business cycle. 
  2. The TOMs are also order so that they can build on each other. 
  3. The result is that the client gets to anticipate matters rather than reacting to events. 

TOM are educational. 

  1. Business owners and managers are very good at their products and services. 
  2. Therefore, TOMs give incremental training on the various activities needed to better run the business. 

TOMs are compressed best practices. 

  1. The smaller enterprises do not have the resources to develop the alternatives and then create the implementation strategy. 
  2. Therefore, the TOM takes a topic and presents a shorten understanding and the Firm’s recommended best practices. 
  3. This makes the exercise efficient for the entity. 

Business Topics

January: Marketing

February: Taxation 

March: Product Mix

April: Financial Statements 

May: Management & HR

June: Cash Flow Management 

July: Systems 

August: Market Positionting 

September: Strategy Planning

October: Year-End Maximization 

November: Budget Process

December: Capital Structure and Year-End

Nonprofit Topics

January: Fundraising Calendar 

February: Tax and Legal

March: Grant Writing

April: Financial Systems

May: Board of Directors

June: Leadership

July: Major Donors

August: Individual Donors

September: Mission Strategy

October: Budget

November: Program Evaluation 

December: Human Resources 

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