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Recognizing that small enterprises typically view consulting services as unaffordable, Cathedral Consulting, LLC is delighted to provide you with cost-efficient services.

  • Financial Systems
    Cathedral Financial Systems Practice helps small and mid-sized business and nonprofit organizations navigate the challenges of developing sound financial...
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  • M&A
    Cathedral's overall approach to increasing value in M&A consulting services includes needs assessment, transaction preparation, potential introduction to funding...
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  • Family Run Business
    Cathedral's Family Run Business Practice supports family owned and operated companies to implement structures and systems that protect the...
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  • Turn-Around
    We assist small businesses in efficiently assessing the company’s current situation and making decisions for going forward regarding the...
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  • Fundraising
    General Fundraising Counsel articulates the language and progress of a nonprofit to generate greater interest in the various sources...
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  • Leasing Competitive Edge
    As a member of Leasing Competitive Edge (LCE), participants receive counsel on growing their company, statistical company comparisons, selling...
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About Us

What We Do

Cathedral Consulting, LLC

Cathedral helps private businesses and nonprofits grow to enhance their strength and value. 

We believe that growth requires a vision for tomorrow as well as an awareness of the needs of today. Our mission is to identify those needs and work alongside our clients to develop affordable and implementable strategies. 

Our experienced advisors walk alongside our clients to provide insights, skill development, and accountability to enable them to better grow and manage their businesses. 

Cathedral Consulting knows that most private businesses and nonprofits have limited capital to spend on professional consultants and it’s critical that our advice makes a difference. 


Topic of the Month


The Budget Process

As we enter the final stretch of 2017, most business owners are focused on finishing the year well and maximizing their profitability. November is also the time of year to be preparing for the year ahead – which requires planning and budgeting. September’s Topic of the Month dealt with Strategic Planning. This month’s topic will cover the budgeting process. The budget is the first year of the financial forecast of the strategic plan. The budget typically starts with the income statement – projecting revenues, expenses and net income. Since “cash is king” in most businesses, it is also important to budget cash flow for the upcoming year through a full financial budget.

This Topic of the Month will address the annual budget – purpose, budgeting methods, a recommended process, and the use of budgets in decision making.

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Program Evaluation

Making a difference. Everyone involved with a nonprofit generally does so because they want to have an impact and make a difference in the world. This is the case for individuals working at nonprofits – whether employees or volunteers – and for individuals or organizations donating to nonprofits. An individual working or volunteering at a nonprofit wonders if their time and skills are being used effectively, having an impact and making a difference. Likewise, a donor is concerned that the funds or property contributed to a nonprofit are being used in a way to have the most impact and make a difference in the world.

To determine whether a particular nonprofit is having an impact or making a difference, they must evaluate whether they are achieving mission. Every nonprofit has a mission statement that defines the organization’s reason for existence, and this statement should be the basis for all strategy and programming. There are number of different ways to measure an organization’s effectiveness at accomplishing its mission. Financial performance measures have been addressed in previous months. This Topic of the Month will cover Program Evaluation – whether a nonprofit organization’s programs are accomplishing its mission. Program effectiveness can be measured and evaluated at a number of different levels – inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact – and should be communicated to those interested in the nonprofit organization.

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